Robot Desk Organizer

I’ve been sick for almost a week and I almost can’t remember what it was like to not sound like a man or be able to hold a conversation without coughing.  Being sick puts quite the damper on one’s social life, as my usual routine is to head to the gym after work a few days a week.  However, I think working out or playing basketball under such conditions would be the most inconsiderate thing I could possibly do.  Also, who wants to guard that gross wheezy girl, or gasp for the same stale gym air as sneezy over there?  No one. The first few days of January inevitably create a surplus of people at the gym trying to keep up their New Year’s resolutions in vain.  At least I have an excuse to do something else productive with my free time… assuming that writing here is productive in some way.

ANYWAY, I saw the how-to for this on Paper Source’s blog, and thought I’d give it a try.  I made this for Kevin’s birthday back in August to go with his relatively new apartment, keeping with the theme of the Robot Appliqué Pillowcases (Part 1 and Part 2 ).  I still need to take a decent photo of the completed set to complete the pseudo-tutorial.  Kevin (who makes up about half of my readers), don’t worry I will get around to finishing that last post up.

I found some great paper at a hole-in-the-wall scrapbook supply store, and used leftover cardstock from some mini-scrapbook kits I made a year ago to give the organizer some sturdiness to it.

The Before

This project wasn’t too complicated, so I’ll just get sraight to the photos.  The green divider is removable, so you’re not confined to any given space.


The instructions for the how-to are here.