Key Lime Bars with Pistachio Graham Cracker Crust and Blueberry Compote, Part Deux

I never took photos of the Key Lime Bars with Pistachio Graham Cracker Crust and Blueberry Compote that I had made back in May, and had been wanting to make them again and correctly… and with photos.  One of my coworker-friends threw out her back last week and had been in a lot of pain the last few days.  I remembered when I brought some of them in to work, she had really taken a liking to them so I thought this was the perfect thing to help cheer her up!

Time to Eat!

Easy No-Bake Banana Cream Pie

My maternal grandfather (Grampa Bill) was in the WWII internment camps and didn’t have the luxury of receiving any dental care during that time.  This unfortunately caused him to lose his teeth at an early age and he’s had to deal with wearing dentures for at least the entire time I’ve known him.  He turned 92 last week, so we had a family dinner over the weekend.  In his honor, I made a birthday dessert that he wouldn’t really have to chew – a no-bake banana cream pie.  I’ll make one from scratch someday but it was a crazy weekend, so I made up an easy no-bake version.

Only 3 Ingredients!

I bought a graham cracker crust, instant vanilla pudding, and lots of bananas.  After slicing the bananas and laying them out on the bottom of the crust, I smothered them with the prepared pudding and let it set in the fridge for about 3 hours.  Once set, I just added some more banana slices on top and added whipped cream.  Easy!


As you can see from the photo below,  it turned into a sloppy mess once I sliced it… albeit, a tasty sloppy mess!

Happy Birthday, Ojichan. I love you!

Key Lime Bars with Pistachio Graham Cracker Crust and Blueberry Compote

Whoops, it’s May already.

Tons of work, the NBA finals, and my own workout/basketball shenanigans have absorbed the last two months, so I’ve been slacking on all things baking and crafts.  I did, however, manage to dedicate this past Saturday evening to baking after being inspired by the dessert I had a couple weeks ago at one of my favorite restaurants in West LA.  I’m not a huge key lime pie fan, but the key lime pie bar with blueberry compote at Nook was  simply splendid.  I found tons of key lime recipes online, but one recipe had two things the others didn’t – pistachios and Martha Stewart.  I also sourced the blueberry compote companion from a pancake recipe of hers.

After one trip each to Target and the market, I realized I didn’t have any parchment paper nor enough limes.  During my third lap to the store, I decided an 8″x8″ square pan was just not going to be enough key lime bars to share – especially considering it’s another one of Kevin’s favorite desserts.  Being the brilliant pseudo-pastry chef that I am, I eyeballed extra of each ingredient when making the crust to fill a 9″x12″ pan, and then discovered I had neglected to buy double the ingredients for the filling.  It looked like a sad little puddle of tart creaminess in a huge desert of crust.  After a frazzling total of four (yes, four) trips to the market, I finally had all the ingredients I needed only to realize I was supposed to bake the crust BEFORE I put the filling in it.  MEGA. FAIL. At that point, I had conceded that this officially was my first baking disaster and decided to just finish it out like the champ I had so hoped to be.

Despite the mishaps, I think they still turned out halfway decent.  The crust was still crusty and solid, and everything seemed to have baked evenly.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos but I do think I’ll be making these again in the near future. I did love the pistachio graham cracker crust turned out, and am open to suggestions of other things I can pair it with!!