I’ve been making various crafts and baking sweets since high school, but hadn’t made an effort to archive anything I had done until fairly recently.  I never thought about doing such a thing until an artist/designer I know who was familiar with a lot of the goods I’d made told me circa Fall 2008 that I really ought to start a craft-blog.  When someone who knows what “cool” looks like and appreciates your work, you graciously thank them and take their advice.

It took me over two years to start this blog because I couldn’t think of a name I was happy with.  And then the first 6 names I thought of were all taken… of course most were mere “test” sites.  However, having finally created this thing, I have to say I’m quite excited for what’s to come.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to share from beyond a few years ago save for a few gifts I’ve made for people here and there, so I’ll start with my some of the more recent things I’ve created.  I’m quite the n00b at blogging and even worse off with my photography, so please bear with me until I get the hang of both.

I am also apologizing in advance for those who are not into Star Wars.  With AT-AT in the name, it’s pretty safe to assume there will be some jedi-isms and other SW banter.

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