Totoro Cake Toppers

Writing my not-so-recent paper post reminded me that I needed to share this other little DIY from our wedding!  Kevin and I don’t have an aversion to wedding cake, but I think majority of wedding-goers aren’t typically into it. In menu planning, we challenged our amazing caterer to come up with some awesome mini dessert ideas that would satisfy everyone, and they definitely delivered. We had tiny cookies with shots of milk, salted caramel pot de cremes, mini strawberry shortcakes with orange biscuits, and mini ice cream cones with cookies and cream ice cream and peach sorbet!

Totoro Cake Toppers
Totoro Cake Toppers

I think one of our family members told us we “needed” a cake to cut, so we got one from Cookie Casa, my all-time favorite bakery that sadly has recently closed. We opted for a five-inch chocolate cake with a gorgeous blush rosette buttercream.  In my search for the perfect cake toppers, I probably came across every single Star Wars cake topper the universe had to offer and somehow didn’t love any of them.  ESPECIALLY the Luke and Leia cake topper… someone needs to correct those people. Seriously.

Kevin and I also love studio Ghibli, and I found these Totoro painted dolls on Etsy. The colors were perfect!

Before - Naked Totoros
Before – Naked Totoros

They needed a little something more, so I made a veil with a headband out of tiny pieces of tulle ribbon and fabric ribbon from the 99 cent bin at Michael’s. Jo-Ann Fabric had a cute little daisy chain lace that I just cut a teeny piece from as well to use as a veil garnish.

“Bride” Supplies

I found a black version of the ribbon and cut a tiny little bowtie together for the grey Totoro, and used superglue to adhere everything as it was the least likely to show up on the paint.  Here’s the handsome couple below!

After - Not-As-Naked Totoros
After – Not-As-Naked Totoros

Since the figurines weren’t “food safe” and we opted for that floral frosting pattern on our mini cake, we decided to forgo adhering a food safe bottom liner to the toppers and just had them placed next to the cake.  Unfortunately, it was a hot day so don’t mind our melty top hat of a cake.

Totoro Cake Toppers
Totoro Cake Toppers

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