BBQ Chicken Salad

In virtually “thumbing” through my photos from the beginning of the year to date, I came across the pictures of the BBQ Chicken Salad I made back in February.  I just marinated some chicken thighs in Trader Joe’s BBQ sauce, and then threw it in the oven.  There is something wonderful about BBQ sauce that really breaks down proteins and makes meat really tender in the oven.

BBQ Chicken Salad
BBQ Chicken Salad

I threw the chicken on top of some baby greens, along with cherry tomatoes, persian cucumbers, black beans, corn, chopped red bell pepper, and of course some toasted pepitas!  The salad ingredients were so flavorful flavorful together that I didn’t even need dressing.

BBQ Chicken Salad - Close-Up!
BBQ Chicken Salad – Close-Up!

Definitely need to make this again some time – so easy and healthy!

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