Flower Boxes

Dare I say, I’m nearly caught-up on my backlog of posts!  Been doing shorter ones like this one to get the content out there! Bare with me!

Leslie had a great vision for doing flower boxes to put on the dinner tables at Shirley and Spencer‘s engagement dinner a couple months ago.  She bought all the supplies but wasn’t sure how to put everything together, so she called me over to assemble under her direction.  This is how they turned out!

Initials Flower Box

Leslie bought the white letters, and I used wooden chopsticks to hold them up.  I literally bobby pinned the fern branches down to some green styrofoam covered in faux moss.  Then I cut the flower stems and stabbed them into the styrofoam.

“Love” Flower Box

We weren’t sure how they’d turn out since I’d never done any sort of floral arrangement before, but I think it ended up being a solid collaboration.  The bride-and-groom-to-be really liked them!

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