Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Before actually meeting him, I knew Alex as the guy whose face my boyfriend (at the time) had pretty much peed on.  But hey, let’s not dig up the past.  I knew I had to at least be nice to the poor soul forever out of sheer principle, and am so glad I gained a solid friend out of a weird introduction.

The Flair - Dark Choc Chips, Salted Peanuts, PB Chips

I have to say he is one of three reasons this blog exists today.  The night I decided to get off my ass and get this thing started was a night I’ll never forget with he and Lingie at Father’s Office over amazing beer, hilarity over some tough situations, and just talking about our dreams – big and small.  I think we (it was probably just me) also had a good cackle or three at the emo pedophile haircuts they both were trying out at the time.  This blog will probably never go anywhere and may even even fizzle out one day, but I’m forever indebted to both of you for being such amazing and inspirational friends throughout these many years.  Although, I’m pretty sure if I had said was thinking about getting a third nipple that night, you both would have tried to encouraged me to do that too.  For better or for worse.

Cookie Dough - Wet and Dry Ingredients Combined

I needed an excuse to bake last weekend and decided Alex was overdue to be celebrated on several fronts.  When I wrote my very first blog post about a year and a half ago, I had mentioned he was an up-and-coming artist.  He’s recently taken the leap to follow his dream and move forward full-time with his music career, leaving the desk job behind as of two Fridays ago.  His birthday was also this past Monday, so really – the guy deserved some friggin’ cookies!

Another MS Cookie Box

Instead of your average peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips in it, I decided to do the reverse – a chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips and salted peanuts!  I found a great recipe on this blog and made a couple adjustments (e.g., using more peanuts and only a half bag of pb chips).  I liked the texture and the postee liked them too!

The Reverse PB Choc Chip Cookie

Happy Birthday, friend.  And congratulations for taking the leap!!  Check out my new favorite band – Monsters Calling Home, and download “Growing Up” here!

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