S’mores Cookies

Happy New Year!

Writing is so unbelievably cathartic.  I know none but a very select few actually read through these posts, but I’m going to pull out my “Collect $200 and Pass GO” card and maximize the medium I have going here.  It’s not you, it’s me.

2011 as a whole was on the rockier side, but I’m indelibly grateful for what I do have in my life.  So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can complain scot-free!


But really, I am happy that 2011 finally came to a close and am looking forward to all that the new year will bring.  Yes, 2012 just got real.

Campfire Nostagia with Just 3 Ingredients!

I took a brief sabbatical from writing, as I was spending a lot of time not only making new content for this blog, but just plum having some FUN.  I need to do more of that this year.

My annual holiday bake-a-thon was full steam ahead a few weekends ago.  However,  instead of creating a single post inclusive of all of the things I made during this year’s bake-a-thon, I’ll create separate posts for each item.  It’s an organizational thing (or perhaps OCD) – you can pick which.  I hereby commence my backlog of holiday treat posts with the  S’mores Cookies I made for my coworkers, Christmas dinner for my mom’s side of the family, some friends.  I got the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything (my kind of girl!).

Dough – Almost Ready!

I  made these twice over Christmas weekend.  The first batch came out too thin as I used too little dough to cover the graham crackers.  For the second batch, I made fewer but thicker cookies by putting nearly twice the recommended amount of dough on each graham cracker and was much happier with the outcome.

Graham Cracker Crust

These were a bit to sweet for my taste as I’m not a huge fan of milk chocolate, but I loved the texture of the cookie dough hot out of the oven.  They were still chewy a couple days later, but it’s just not the same as when it’s fresh.

Ooey Gooey Goodness

I thought of a great tagline, and whipped out the graphic design skill (yes – singular “skill”) to make tags for the cookies.  I really love puns, so don’t judge me based the below…

I’m a Sucker for Taglines

Whomp whomp.

I’ll definitely make these again some time!  Any takers??

4 thoughts on “S’mores Cookies”

  1. Omg. I can’t believe you made tags like that. You are ridiculous. Lol. And ahem, how come I didnt get one of those AMAZING tags?? Not complaining, I loved my Tupperware full of cookies 🙂

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