Apple Pie Cookies – Money Shot

In my previous post on Apple Pie Cookies, I received a lot of flack (particularly from Daniel) for not posting a photo cross-section of the cookie.  I’ve made these upon request three more times within the last three weeks, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to include aforementioned “money shot”.  There you go, DZhu!

Apple Pie Cookie - Money Shot

I don’t really know how it happened, but I somehow ended up agreeing to bake cupcakes for Andrew when he came to visit.  I don’t recall volunteering, but I also don’t recall him asking me to do so either.  Undeniably popular amongst our peers and highly respected within the Kollaboration community, Andrew has also been one of very few creative influences whose opinions on such subject matter I wholeheartedly trust.  I still can’t draw, and I’m barely better off with photography but I’m consistently inspired to keep trying thanks to our creative discussions over failed attempts at dining at Tsujita, in the DreamWorks Animation secret speakeasy,  and other adventures.  After he saw the Apple Pie Cookies post, he requested a switch from the cupcakes.  I obliged the request, still confused as to how or why I committed to doing this.


I made the Apple Pie Cookies again (freezing half the batch to bake at a later date) but tried to make an even flakier crust than the last time I made these.  Unfortunately, I ended up succumbing to ADD and leaving these in the oven for a little too long.  The extra baking time made the extra flaky crust a bit hard and dry instead once they cooled down.  Sorry, friend!


I also made them again per request from Kim for her family’s annual holiday party, since she missed out on the 3rd time I made them the weekend prior.  Hope you liked them, Kimbo!! Sho-Yu lurvvvv.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  Hope you get everything you wish for this year!


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