Lace Earrings (For Sale)

For the entirety of the time I’ve been crafting or baking, I’ve listened to familiar sounds to help me focus.  At first, I would defer to having one of the Star Wars episodes playing on DVD.  I can’t tell you what it is – it’s just comforting to have it on as background noise.  As I got older and perhaps more considerate of the lesser affections my various roommates had for the trilogy (and even less for the prequels), I switched to music.  Adele’s 19 as of the last couple months has been my album choice lately, but even more so when I was making these earrings.  Perhaps a few of the tracks turned into my own personal anthems to an extent, but listening to her just made me wanna pump out some earrings!  Her voice is so soulful and, more importantly, calming – especially when I’m trying to avoid creative disasters.  What gets your creative juices flowing?  Send me suggestions!

Anyway, I really dig the look of lace earrings, and not only NEEDED to own a pair (oh yes, they will be mine) but I wanted to make them myself.  Having never dabbled in jewelry-making before, I bought a big surplus of supplies to make them a few weeks ago thinking it would take me a few tries to get it right.

Piles of Pretty Lace to Play With

I’d like to think the first pair didn’t turn out so bad after all, so  I ended up making a whole fleet of them with the extra materials I got!

Snapshot of the Different Lace Earring Styles

I was going to debut these little guys via this blog post, but Andrew trumped my big reveal (along with my photography skills) by posting the below on Facebook… along with another awful candid.  But that’s water under the bridge. #notbitter

"Snowflake" Earrings

I’ve also been toying with the idea of starting an Etsy account to sell some of my handmade things for a couple of years now, but never really knew what item(s) would make the most sense or have a high enough demand.  I unfortunately don’t have enough piercings (nor ears) to wear all of these earrings I made, so I thought these might be a good fit to start off my Etsy.

"Leaf" Earrings with Blue Ribbon - $8

However, when I looked into what people are selling handmade lace earrings for and the craftsmanship of their work, I got really intimidated.  Then, I figured, “What the hell, I’ll just be the Costco Kirkland brand of lace earrings and undercut my name-brand competitors”.

"Crochet" Earrings with Sunglow Ribbon - $8

With the exception of the “Snowflake” and “Floral” style, each pair of earrings is made using surgical steel hooks.  I have that type of metal in my knee, and haven’t had problems so those that have earring sensitivity probably won’t have problems with it in their ears.

"Floral" Earrings - $7

Bottom line is:  I’m selling affordable lace earrings!  If you’re interested in looking FABULOUS with these little guys, inquire within!

"Crochet" Earrings with Aqua Ribbon - $8

Pricing is included in the title for each pair of earrings.  I made duplicates of some of them, and can make more upon request.  If the demand is there for these, then I’ll make some more and start the Etsy account.  🙂

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